Sew 6212A IN (Ranges: 0.5kV to 10kV 0.5kV increment steps)

● Microprocessor-controlled.
● 2 ×16 characters; large intelligent LCD module.
● 20 Insulation test voltages 500V, 1kV, 1.5kV, 2kV, 2.5kV, 3kV,
    3.5kV, 4kV, 4.5kV, 5kV, 5.5kV, 6kV, 6.5kV, 7kV, 7.5kV, 8kV, 8.5kV,
    9kV, 9.5kV, 10kV.
● Ener-Save™ feature to extend battery life.
● Bargraph indicates test voltage; rise and decay can be observed.
● Visual and audible warning if external voltage is present(>500Vac or
● Insulation resistance; auto-ranging on all ranges.
● Overload protection.
● Low battery indicator (read time battery voltage measurement).
● Measures insulation time duration of the test.
● Low battery consumption.
● Better than 10% accuracy on all ranges.
● Auto-off.
Test voltage (DC V) 0.5kV to 10kV
(0.5kV increment steps)
Insulation resistance
(Auto ranging)
25GΩ / 0.5kV
25GΩ at 0.5kV
500GΩ at 10kV
Accuracy  ± 3% rdg ± 1 dgt
Output power limit 50uA to 100uA (1W)
Live warning > 500V AC
0°C to 40°C
Operation-humidity 85% Max. relative humidity
Dimensions 330(L) × 260(W) × 160(D)mm
(battery included)
Approx. 3600g
Power source 1.5V “C”× 8 Alkaline batteries
Safety standard EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V
EN 61326-1


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