Sew 6221 EL

● Microprocessor-controlled.
● Indicates phase rotation.
● Indicates phase presence.
● Tests for disconnection sensitivity.
● Indicates battery status.
● Tests for disconnection time.
● Measures voltage phase to earth.
● Select one of 3 Phase to test ELCB.
● Color-coded test leads.
● Phase presence indication from as low as 100Vac.
● Very low consumption.
● Fused earth leakage tester.
● ELCB works 50Vac to 330Vac 50Hz / 60Hz.
● Led indication of Voltage on ELCB.
● Phase rotation and presence does not require battery to indicate.
● EN 61010-1 CAT III 550V. EN 61326-1
Determination of the Phase Presence    
Nominal Voltage for Phase Presence
Indication (the voltage required for the
neon lamps L1, L2, L3 to lit up)
From 100Vac to 450Vac.
Frequency Range From 10Hz to 400Hz.
Determination of the Phases Rotary Field Direction  
Direction (the voltage required to have the
direction LEDs L1-L2-L3 or L2-L1-L3 to
From 100 to 450Vac.
Frequency Range From 2Hz to 400Hz.
Over Load 550V(between all terminals)
Over Voltage Class III - 450V towards ground.
Earth Leakage    
Current Settings      999mAac / 50Hz-60Hz
Current Selection  Knob
Phase Start Selection(*)      0° and 180°
Over-Temperature Protection(*) Yes
Phase Polarity Trip Indicator(*) Yes
Phase Polarity Trip Indicator(*) 220Vac to 317Vac
Phase Polarity Trip Indicator(*)
Timer Resolution      1ms(Max. Time = 99.99s)
Timer Accuracy  1ms ± 4ms
Current Accuracy  ±3% ± 4mA
Current Resolution 1mA
Voltmeter Accuracy(50Hz)  50-350 Vac = ±3% ± 2V
350-550Vac = ±7% ± 3V
Voltmeter Resolution 1V
Maximum Current Specified at 317Vac / 50Hz
Batteries  1.5V "C" × 8   Bat OK Led = Vbat >9V
Dimensions 330(L) × 260(W) × 160(D)mm
Weight 3850g (batteries included)
Operating temperature Range 0°C to + 40°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to + 50°C


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