Infrared Windows

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If you have an onsite infrared program already or planning to establish one you should consider installing Fluke IR Windows. Fluke IR Windows will increase: Efficiency – cut down the time needed to conduct regular inspections Safety – increase your employees safety by not exposing them to live equipment Productivity – cuts down the number of technicians needed to conduct inspections NFPA 70E and local safety regulation compliance is easier with Fluke IR Windows Fluke IR Windows are constructed with a CLIRVU crystal. CLIRVU crystals are designed to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of an arc-fault event, and offer protection from molten projectiles associated with arc-flashes. CLIRVU optic materials are impervious to moisture and vibration – they are totally insoluble and guaranteed never to degrade, even when subjected to mild acids or alkalis. Fluke IR Windows are arc-resistant, outdoor certified and allow thermal, ultraviolet, visual and fusion technologies to be used.